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If you match this symptom profile:

  • Binge Drinking

  • Candida or Thrush

  • Gallbladder flush

  • High cholesterol

  • Poor diet

  • Prescription medications

  • Smoking

Follow our Signature “Cleanse Build Infuse” AFTER PARTY programme.

This is the MALE FERTILITY pathway, alongside our Female Fertility Plan.

Our Advanced Liver Support range comes complete with a FREE Ketogenic Diet Plan.


Our bespoke 4 week programmes are designed using synergistic nutrients and herbs to combat health ailments. Each of the Nutraceuticals have a different role to play, much like your skincare regime. Best results are achieved when all 3 supplements are taken together.

CLEANSE (Digestive Aids for decongesting)

GOLD Cleanse advanced herbs stimulate the liver to move bile and fats, and improve peristalsis.  Ideal after periods of overindulgence, illness or if taking medications. GOLD Cleanse should ideally only be used once bowel movements are regular and daily, as the advanced herbal formula blitzes out congestion from further up the digestive tract. Fats and stickiness need a clear path to exit your body.


BUILD (Release friendly live bacteria)

CANDIDA Clear herbs and probiotics with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory actions. This is an advanced probiotic formula to rid the body of stickiness, improve nutrient absorption and therefore energy.


INFUSE (Powerhouse nutrient & herb infusion)

LIVER Revive herbs and vitamins help blitz the movement of bile, fats and toxins from a congested liver and gallbladder. This is a necessary step during any advanced herbal detoxification to help avoid Herxheimer’s reaction (healing crisis). It is especially beneficial for avoidance of hangover-type symptoms and prevention of gallstones.


Please follow “Directions for Use” on each individual supplement box.