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Overcome stressful life situations and poor sleep patterns with our Central Nervous System support. Complete with multi-vitamins, minerals, probiotics, nootropics and adaptogen herbs to help balanced mood states and memory recall.

Our bespoke 4 week programmes are designed using synergistic nutrients and herbs to combat health ailments. Each of the Nutraceuticals have a different role to play, much like your skincare regime. Best results are achieved when all 3 supplements are taken together.

CLEANSE (Digestive Aids for decongesting)

IODIZE+ ORGANIC alkalising seaweed. Offers Multi-mineral, digestive enzymes and Thyroid support. This powerhouse of nutrients is ideal in heavy metal detox plans and to combat heartburn and indigestion.


BUILD (Release friendly live bacteria)

FIT Probio all-in-one tasty effervescent Collagen drink. Complete with 20 billion live probiotics, vitamins and herbs known for mental and physical performance, and anti-inflammatory properties.


INFUSE (Powerhouse nutrient & herb infusion)

CNS nootropic nutrients to combat stress and promote brain health. Contains adaptogen herbs and super-concentrated B-vitamins & minerals for enhancing performance. Ideal to combat anxiety, brain fog and headaches, CNS supports burn-out resistance, stress levels & motivation.


Please follow “Directions for Use” on each individual supplement box.