Oh-MEGA 369 (TRADE Pack of 5)
Oh-MEGA 369 (TRADE Pack of 5)

Oh-MEGA 369 (TRADE Pack of 5)

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Practitioner-grade Omegas 369

Highest strength available (2000mg per dose)

Balanced essential fatty acids PLUS Vitamin E


Best for:

  • Healthy skin and mucosa

  • Joint care

  • Protection of cells from oxidative stress

  • Normal function of the heart


As our body cannot synthesise essential fats for itself, they must be obtained through our diet. Diets are typically deficient in these good oils (EPA, DHA, GLA & Oleic Acid), so this supplement is well indicated for daily use.

Customer need:

“Autoimmune issues, joint pain, high cholesterol or hair & skin complaints”