KETO Diet Plan

KETO Diet Plan

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KETO Diet (Digital Meal Plan)

Ketogenic diets have been trending for years, we've seen many different versions and restrictions.  This is a simple guide to approaching the Keto Diet - the healthy way.

At our Gut Health clinic, we often see people having followed the ketogenic diet on the advice of their gym or blogger, and they hit a brick wall with their digestion and weight loss.

These clients report sluggishness, constipation and confusion over what they can and can't eat.

We have seen healthy versions of the Keto diet work well for a myriad of health conditions, without compromising your digestive health.

Raw Fusion's take on the Keto diet allows more flexibility with portions of fruit and fibre to help maintain a healthy gut and better food choices, with all the anti-inflammatory and weight control benefits of Keto.

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