IODIZE+ (Seaweed Multi-Mineral)
IODIZE+ (Seaweed Multi-Mineral)

IODIZE+ (Seaweed Multi-Mineral)

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ORGANIC alkalising seaweed Thyroid support

Rich in Iodine, Folate, Calcium & Magnesium

Multi Mineral PLUS Vitamins A, D and B12

Best for:

  • Organic nourishment & digestive enzymes

  • Essential amino acids & mineral absorption

  • Normal cognitive function & energy-yielding metabolism

  • Normal thyroid function

Customer need:

“I feel run down and suffer heartburn, indigestion and bloating”

Seaweed is rich in a variety of nutrients that supports thyroid function, fertility and energy levels whilst also contributing to normal cognitive function and skin health.

See Additional Info for signs of Iodine deficiency.