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All health stems from the gut, including our skin health, autoimmune conditions, moods, energy and hormones… It’s a good time to take control over our health.

Our gut holds 70% of our immune system, including good and bad bacteria. Too much harmful bacteria can lead to a myriad of symptoms, such as constipation, IBS, bloating, nausea, headaches or sugar cravings.

For an effective Gastrointestinal Cleanse, download our Parasite Cleanse guidance on what to expect on a Digestive Cleanse and how it could benefit you.:

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: What’s Eating You?


Our bespoke 4 week programmes are designed using synergistic nutrients and herbs to combat health ailments. Each of the Nutraceuticals have a different role to play, much like your skincare regime. Best results are achieved when all 3 supplements are taken together.

CLEANSE (Digestive Aids for decongesting)

PARASITE Clear Potent complete anti-bacterial care designed to protect against parasitic infections, worms and harmful organisms that cause pain and inflammation.


BUILD (Release friendly live bacteria)

CALM ProBio is a ‘saccharomyces boulardii’ yeast balancing probiotic to support digestion and IBS. This resilient probiotic is ideal to follow up antibiotics or periods of illness, with the addition of Vitamin D to support immune health. Ideally use alongside a low sugar, low yeast diet (yeast is in bread, wine, beer and sugary foods)


INFUSE (Powerhouse nutrient & herb infusion)

Oh MEGA 369 Practitioner-grade Omegas 369 with anti-inflammatory Vitamin E providing our body with all essential fats it needs. Highest strength omegas help lubricate and nourish the gut from within, supporting blood flow, healthy cholesterol and immune support.


Please follow “Directions for Use” on each individual supplement box.