Raw Fusion's 3-Step Protocol

Our bespoke 4 week bundle plans are designed using synergistic nutrients and herbs to combat health ailments. The bundle includes: • a Colon Cleanser matched to your typical digestive habits, helping to decongest the gut. • a Probiotic: Friendly live bacteria to build your immune system • Multi-nutrient powerhouse infusions of nutrients and botanicals tailored to your symptoms Much like your skincare regime, each of the nutraceuticals have a different role to play so all three supplements should be taken together. Please follow Directions for Use on each supplement box. See our Health Bundles or use our Supplement Selector Quiz for tailored advice

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FAQ: Best time to take a Colon Cleanser?

Amanda Kearns, Registered Nutritionist and CEO of RAW Fusion discusses when is the best timing to take a Colon Cleanser. Our colons are loaded with impacted waste, the result of an improper diet and a “toxic” environment. Do an internal clean up to support a healthier gut with home colon cleanse supplements that can easily fit in with your daily routine.

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